About Angelina Pellegrini Photography

I believe that a photojournalist has a duty to themselves and the community to capture moments in time that are untouched, and report truth. I aspire to take photographs that are truly unforgettable because of the rawness they display, the emotions they evoke, and taste that they leave in your mouth. I want to take a moment so full of life, chaos, and emotion, and freeze it in a frame, but in a way that you can still sense the pounding hearts from that moment in time. I haven’t accomplished this yet. I know I might some day, but for now, I’m only working towards such an idea.

My hope for myself is that I can be a photojournalist who is patient, considerate, and attentive. I do not want to be just a conflict journalist, or an environmental journalist or label myself as any one type of photographer or writer. I want to embrace every opportunity I possibly can and document every moment of it.